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E-128 1.5in   1.5" / 2" O-Clamp
ECCOM-10   10ft IEC Power Link Cable American DJ
MB-12   12" Mirror Ball
E-133   12' Heavy Duty Black Tri-Pod Stand w/2 Side Bars
LS1   12' Heavy Duty Black Tri-Pod Stand w/2 Side Bars - Adkins Pro Lighting
181-636   12' RCA Video Cable
TA12P   12-inch 1000 Watt Bi-Amp 2-Way Powered HD Speaker System by Adkins Pro Audio
290-407   15" 200 Watt - EMINENCE ALPHA-15A 15" DRIVER
Z-15.1   15" 2000 Watt - TECHNICAL PRO 15" DRIVER
290-410   15" 300 Watt - EMINENCE BETA-15A 15" DRIVER
290-417   15" 500 Watt - EMINENCE DELTA-15LFA 15" LOW FREQUENCY DRIVER
290-420   15" 600 Watt - EMINENCE KAPPA PRO-15LF-2 15" CAST FRAME DRIVER
Z12.1   1500 Watt - TECHNICAL PRO 12" DRIVER
EL-GROBL   16" BLUE Groovy Stardust Glitter Lamp *NEW*
EL-ROCLB   16" Blue LAVA Lamp
MB-16   16" Mirror Ball - High Quality Glass
MBKIT-16DUAL-A   16" Mirror Ball Complete Party Kit with 2 LED Pinspots and Motor - Adkins Professional Lighting
MBKIT-16-A   16" Mirror Ball Party Kit - LED Pinspot
EL-ROCLP   16" Purple LAVA Lamp
DJSYS-36   1600 Watt 12" Powered Speaker DJ System - Connect your Laptop or iPod.
DJSYS-46   1600 Watt 12" Powered Speaker DJ System - Connect your Laptop, iPod or play Cd's or MP3's.
Z-18.1   18" 2500 Watt - TECHNICAL PRO 18" DRIVER
290-428   18" 800 Watt - EMINENCE OMEGA PRO-18A 18" CAST FRAME DRIVER
EL-BLA18   18" Blacklight - Fixture & Lamp
MSA9030-19B   19" Gooseneck - Black
MB-2   2" Mirror Ball 6-Pack
M-2020   20" Mirror Ball - High Quality Glass
DJSYS-64   2000 Watts! - Complete DJ System - Everything you need to DJ - 12" Powered Speakers - Connect your Laptop, iPod or play CD's!
APA-2100   2100 Watt DJ Amplifier - Adkins Pro Audio
PQA2100   2100 Watt DJ Amplifier - Pyle Pro
LCD-111-s   23-37 in. Universal Mount with Tilt
E-123   24" Blacklight - Fixture & Lamp
DJSYS-66   2400 WATTS! The Ultimate DJ System - Connect your Laptop, iPod or play CD's! - 15" Powered Speakers - Everything you need!
MP-485PR-25   25 Foot RCA to XLR male Cable
DMX-Cable25   25 Foot DMX Cable
AL-DMX-25   25 Foot Lighting DMX Cable - Adkins Professional Lighting
AL-MIC-25   25 Foot XLR to XLR Microphone Cable - Adkins Professional Audio
240-041   25' Dual RCA to RCA Cable
Mic-Cable25   25' Microphone Cable - XLR to XLR
PQA3100   3100 Watt DJ Amplifier - Pyle Pro
ECCOM-3   3ft IEC Power Link Cable American DJ
EC-16   4 Channel Light Controller
EC-4   4 Channel Light Controller
PDWM4300   4 Mic VHF Wireless 2 Handheld & 2 Lavalier / Headset System
PDWM4400   4 Mic VHF Wireless Lavalier / Headset System
MB-4   4 Mirror Ball"
AL-GF400   400 Watt "Ground Fog" Ice Fog Machine
EBK-400   400w Super High Output Black Light
PQA4100   4100 Watt DJ Amplifier - Pyle Pro
EL-4515   4515 Par 36 Pinspot Lamp 6V 30w Sealed Beam
E-124   48" Blacklight - Fixture & Lamp
F48A   48" Bright - Black light with tube & fixture
DMX-Cable50   50 Foot DMX Cable
PC-16/50   50' Black AC Power Extension Cord
2079   50'S & 60'S FEMALE HITS V2
2077   50'S & 60'S PARTY SONGS V3
PQA5100   5100 Watt DJ Amplifier - Pyle Pro
DJSYS-6A   5100 Watts - DJ System - Dual 15" Speakers - Play from your Laptop or Cd's. - Ready to ROCK THE HOUSE!
APA-6100   6100 Watt DJ Amplifier - Adkins Pro Audio
EL-64514   64514 - 120v/300w lamp
ECCOM-6   6ft IEC Power Link Cable American DJ
EL-POLBL   7" Blue Police Beacon Light
EL-POLRE   7" Red Police Beacon Light
2120   70'S & 80'S MALE HITS V-3
FOG700   700 Watt Fog Machine
PDWM8400   8 Mic Professional Handheld VHF Wireless Microphone System
E-107   8 Switch Power Center
EM-8   8" Mirror Ball
MBK-1   8" Mirror Ball Party Kit
E-132   9' Black Tri-Pod Light Stand with cross bar
LS6   9' Black Tri-Pod Light Stand with cross bar - Adkins Professional Lighting
UNI LTS   Accu-Case Pro Laptop Stand
ELS-15A   ADJ ELS15A 15" 2-way Active Speaker
SS6   Adjustable Subwoofer Speaker Pole - Adkins Pro Audio
Disco-Flower-Ball   Adkins Novelty Lighting Disco Flower Ball
GOBO-Projector   Adkins Novelty Lighting Gobo Projector
Holiday-Party-Bulb   Adkins Novelty Lighting Holiday Party Bulb
LED-MOVING-HEAD-BEAM   Adkins Novelty Lighting LED Moving Head Beam
LED-TREE-LAMP   Adkins Novelty Lighting LED Tree Lamp
LED-TREE-LAMP-KIT   Adkins Novelty Lighting LED Tree Lamp Kit
MOVING-HEAD-GOBO-Projector   Adkins Novelty Lighting Moving Head Gobo Projector
Party-Lamp   Adkins Novelty Lighting Party Lamp
LED-RGB-Rotating-Night-Lamp   Adkins Novelty Lighting LED RGB Rotating Night Lamp
CDMB-5000   Adkins Pro Audio CDMB-5000 Dual CD Bluetooth MP3 USB Player with Mixer
LED-12-RGBW   Adkins Pro Lighting LED 12 RGBW Color Mixing LED Par Can
LED-18-RGB-IR   Adkins Pro Lighting LED 18 RGB Color Mixing LED Par Can
AL-DISCOKIT   Adkins Pro Lighting LED Disco Party Bulb Kit
AL-PINSPOT   Adkins Pro Lighting Pinspot Par 36
PSCDG611847D   Aladdin - Disney Karaoke
StealthWireless   Alto Stealth Wireless - Stereo Wireless System for Powered Loudspeakers
StealthPack   Alto Stealth Wireless Xpander Pack
DLS-15P   American Audio - DLS-15P - Powered Speaker
PDP-850   American Audio - PDP-850
PDP-950   American Audio - PDP-950
10MXR   American Audio 10MXR 2-Channel MIDILOG DJ Mixer
14MXR   American Audio 14MXR 4-Channel MIDILOG DJ Mixer
19MXR   American Audio 19MXR 4-Channel MIDILOG DJ Mixer
DV2-USB   American Audio DV2 USB DJ Mixer
HP200   American Audio HP 200 Stereo Headphones
SPS-1B   American DJ - SPS-1B
AC3PDMX100   American DJ 3-pin DMX Cable 100'
WiFLY D6 BRANCH   American DJ 6-Way DMX Splitter
Agressor LED   American DJ Aggressor Tri LED
Boom-Box-FX2   American DJ Boom Box FX2 4-IN-1 Effect Light with Wash, Derby, GOBO Moonflower & Green & Red Laser
Bubbletron   American DJ Bubbletron
Crazy-8   American DJ Crazy 8
WiFLY RGBW8C   American DJ DMX-512 Controller
DOTZ FLOOD   American DJ Dotz Flood Wash Blinder Fixture
DOTZ MATRIX   American DJ Dotz Matrix Wash Blinder Fixture
Dotz-Par   American DJ Dotz Par COB RGB LED
Dotz-TPar-System   American DJ Dotz TPar System
DP-415   American DJ DP-415 4-Channel DMX Dimmer/Switch Pack
Dual Gem Pulse   American DJ Dual Gem Pulse LED Effect Light
Duo Station   American DJ DUO STATION
Eco-UV-Bar-DMX   American DJ Eco UV Bar DMX
EVENT POD SYSTEM   American DJ Event Pod System
Fog-Fury-1000   American DJ Fog Fury 1000 Fog Machine
FREQ MATRIX   American DJ Freq Matrix
FREQ MATRIX QUAD   American DJ Freq Matrix Quad
FS-1000   American DJ FS-1000 575W Followspot
FS600 LED   American DJ FS600 LED Follow Spot
FUN839   American DJ Fun Factor LED
GALAXIAN 3D MKII   American DJ Galaxian 3D MKII Laser
Galaxian-Gem-LED-IR   American DJ Galaxian Gem LED IR
GOB766   American DJ Gobo Motion LED
GOBO PROJECTOR LED   American DJ Gobo Projector LED
H2O-IR   American DJ H20 IR Lighting Effect
H2O LED   American DJ H20 LED Lighting Effect
HP550   American DJ Headphones - HP550
Hexcon   American DJ Hexcon 36-Channel DMX Controller
Inno-Beam-LED   American DJ Inno Beam LED
INNO COLOR BEAM QUAD 7   American DJ Inno Color Beam Quad 7 LED Moving Head
INNO SPOT LED   American DJ Inno Spot LED Moving Head
Inno-Spot-LED-WiFLY   American DJ Inno Spot LED WiFLY
JELLY COSMOS BALL   American DJ Jelly Cosmos Ball LED
JELLY-GLOBE   American DJ Jelly Globe
JELLY GO PAR64 RGBA   American DJ Jelly Go Par64 RGBA
JELLY-JEWEL-LED   American DJ Jelly Jewel LED Moonflower Lighting Effect
JELLYDOME   American DJ JellyDome LED Lighting Effect
Jellyfish-IR   American DJ Jellyfish IR Lighting Effect
Kool Fog   American DJ Kool Fog - Low-lying Fog Juice - for Mister Kool
LED PIXEL 10C   American DJ LED Pixel 10C Pixel Tube Controller
LED PIXEL 4C   American DJ LED Pixel 4C Pixel Tube Controller
LED PIXEL TUBE 360   American DJ LED Pixel Tube 360
LED PIXEL TUBE 360 SYSTEM   American DJ LED Pixel Tube 360 System
LED PIXEL TUBE 360 SYSTEM 10   American DJ LED Pixel Tube 360 System 10
S81-LED-II   American DJ LED Strobe Light
LED UV GO   American DJ LED UV Go
LED-T-FC   American DJ LED-T-FC Foot Controller
Mega Bar 50 RGB RC   American DJ Mega Bar 50RGB RC
Mega-Bar-50-RGB-RC   American DJ Mega Bar 50RGB RC
MEGA FLAT PAK 8   American DJ Mega Flat Pak 8
MEGA FLAT TRI PAK   American DJ Mega Flat Tri Pak
Mega-Go-Bar-50-RGBA   American DJ Mega GO Bar 50 RGBA
MEGA GO FLOOD BAR   American DJ Mega Go Flood Bar LED Linear Fixture
MEGA GO PAR64 RGBA   American DJ Mega Go LED Par 64
Mega-Tripar-Profile   American DJ Mega Tripar Profile
MEGA FLASH DMX   American DJ Megaflash DMX 800W Strobe
Micro-3D-II   American DJ Micro 3D Laser
Micro-Galaxian-II   American DJ Micro Galaxian II Laser
Micro Galaxian   American DJ Micro Galaxian Laser
MICRO MOON   American DJ Micro Moon Moonflower Effect
Micro-Royal-Galaxian-II   American DJ Micro Royal Galaxian II
MICRO SKY   American DJ Micro Sky Portable Laser
MICRO-STAR   American DJ Micro Star Laser
Mini-Dekker-LZR   American DJ Mini Dekker LZR Moonflower Effect and Laser
Monster-Beam   American DJ Monster Beam Moonflower Effect
OCTO BEAM RGBW   American DJ Octo Beam RGBW
Pinspot-LED-II   American DJ Pinspot LED II
PIXEL PULSE BAR   American DJ Pixel Pulse Bar
QUAD PHASE HP   American DJ Quad Phase HP LED
QUAD PHASE   American DJ Quad Phase LED DMX Moonflower Light
QUAD-SCAN-PRO   American DJ Quad Scan Pro RGBW LED Scanner
RGB-3C   American DJ RGB 3C Lighting Controller
RGBW4C   American DJ RGBW4C 4 Channel RGBW Controller
ROYAL 3D II   American DJ Royal 3D II Intelligent Laser
SWEEPER BEAM LED   American DJ Sweeper Beam LED
Sweeper-Beam-Quad-LED   American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED
Ultra-Hex-Par3   American DJ Ultra Hex Par3
Vertigo-Hex-LED   American DJ Vertigo Hex LED
VF-FLURRY   American DJ VF Flurry Snow Machine
VIZI ROLLER BEAM 2R   American DJ Vizi Roller Beam 2R DMX Barrel Scanner
DJSYS-42   American DJ VMS4.1 Digital MIDI Work station System Package
VMS4.1   American DJ VMS4.1 Digital MIDI Work station w/ Virtual DJ Software
WiFLY BAR QA5   American DJ WiFLY Bar QA5 LED Linear Fixture
WiFLY PAR QA5   American DJ WiFLY Par QA5 LED Par
WiFLY TRANSCEIVER   American DJ Wireless DMX Transceiver
BL214   Arachnid A14 - Ultra Violet 14 LED Scorpion Class Blacklight Flashlight
BL249   Arachnid A49 - Ultra Violet 49 LED Scorpion Class Blacklight Flashlight
V-9905   Battery Powered Bubble Machine
PWMA600   Battery Powered Portable PA System with Wireless Mic
NOX1010   Behringer 5-Channel DJ Mixer 19"
MDX2600   Behringer COMPOSER PRO-XL MDX2600 Expander/Gate/Compressor/ Peak Limiter
DDM4000   Behringer DDM4000 Pro Digital DJ Mixer
DJX750   Behringer DJX750 5-Channel Pro DJ Mixer with Digital Effects and BPM Counter

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