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At Cheap Band Gear .com, we'd like to let you in on a little secret. Obviously, selling the best Drum Sets at insanely competitive prices is great for you, the customer. But it's great for us, too. Why? It's because value is what brings customers back (sometimes with their friends) to buy more stuff! The equation is value = excellent service + excellent quality + excellent prices. It's not enough for us to sell high quality ddrum drum sets at near-wholesale prices if the service stinks. We could sell you the best Zildjian Cymbals in the world with the best service ever, but would you come back for other products if our prices were just so-so? No. If our prices and service were excellent but our discount drums were just Cheap Band Gear, it's the same story. That's why on every snare drum set, with every last customer, we keep that little equation intact. When you get your drum set from us, chances are you'll be ecstatic. Before long, either you or your friends will find their way here for some Cheap Band Gear of their own. We love the way this works, because everyone wins. That just how we roll!